Sis Isalyn Gayle

Sis Isalyn Gayle, Coordinator, Church Hospitality & Welfare Since joining the Church, Min. Isalyn has proved to be an immensely valuable member of the ministerial team, serving as altar minister; as head of Hospitality and Church Beautification, and an executive member of the Virtuous Sisters Fellowship in diaspora, an international appointment where she devotedly serves […]

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Min. Dammy Olayanju

Min. Dammy Olayanju, Dr. Dammy Olayanju oversees the music ministry and also provides technical expertise for the Church. He is passionate about global evangelistic mission through spirit-filled music and the word of God. He has the gift of identifying and a passion for building people’s God-given talents with particular emphasis on the new generation of

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Deaconess Theodora Adebanjo

  Deaconess Theodora Adebanjo, Dcns Theodora is a member of the ministerial team and also a member of the Board of Trustee. She serves as an Advisor to the Pastorate, bringing her wealth of experience to enhance decision making. Since associating with the ministry from inception in 2006, she has served in various capacities, from

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Elder Felix Kankwamba

Elder Felix Kankwamba, Coordinator, Protocol & Logisters & Chairman, Finance Committee Elder Felix is a key member of the ministerial team, serves as Head of Protocol and Logistics, and as Chairman, Church Finance Committee.  Being a long standing Christian, an Accountant and administrator turned healthcare professional, he brings spiritual maturity and wealth of experience to

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Min. Amayo Fajinmi

Min. Amayo Fajinmi, Coordinator, Virtuous Sisters’ Fellowship Min. Amayo Fajinmi is a member of the ministerial team and also oversees the women’s (the Virtuous Sisters Fellowship) ministry. Since joining the Church she has held various leadership positions, and is currently the Minister in charge of training and discipleship, demonstrating a wealth of grace that blesses

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Dcn Segun Olatayo-Moses

Dcn Segun Olatayo-Moses, Coordinator, Wisemen Fellowship & Acting Resident Pastor Deacon Olusegun Olatayo-Moses is a member of the Ministerial team and oversees the Men’s Ministry (the Wisemen’s Fellowship).  He also heads the Technical Department as well as serves as a member of the Board of Trustees.  Since joining the Church in 2011, he has been actively

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Min. Fadeke Adefolalu

Min. Fadeke Adefolalu, Co-Leader, Music Ministry Dr. Fadeke Adefolalu, is a member of the ministerial team and is co-Lead for the Music Ministry.   Since joining the Church, Fadeke has served in different areas of the Church, dedicating herself and her gifts to advancing the work of God.  She has been actively involved in countless

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