Attaining Higher Ground in our Walk with God

Climbing requires efforts; requires movement or push upward; climbing is easier and more successful and sustainable when a stronger person/higher force helps one. Climbing onto higher ground in any aspect of physical and spiritual life is not for lazy and laid back people or for people who procrastinate and delay the day of action. Climbing is for people who are conscious of their present level and are genuinely desirous to move forward/upward and are also taking actual steps to move forward, onward and upward. Higher ground is always ahead. You may retrace your steps to get on the right route but the journey and destination of higher ground is forward/onward/upward. You can only arrive there safely and successfully by taking deliberate and targeted steps and by the help of God.

Every sincere, committed and knowledgeable (i.e. knowledge of the word) Christian know and accepts that:

• There is need to deliberately cultivate holiness if one will see God. Be ye holy even as the Lord your God is holy
1Pet 1:13-19; mk 1:24; Lev 20:7; Lev 11:44; Matt 7:11; 2Cor 7:1

• There is need to genuinely take personal steps and make personal efforts and sacrifices to live right and in obedience to God’s word
Gen 39:7-13

• There is need to genuinely ask and depend on the Holy Spirit for help for daily transformation and growth towards God.

• The Christian journey is upward – Phil 12:14; Heb 12:12-15

• The call is a high call; a call to be different; a call to superior living – 2Cor 5:17; 2Cor 6:14

If you are not constantly desiring and crying for help/ever increasing anointing from the Holy Ghost to attain higher ground in your walk with God, then something needs to change. Someone has become careless, nonchalant and has shifted focus (or maybe never had focus on God!) onto temporal things!

The pursuit of closer and closer relations with God is required for continuous attainment of a deeper walk with and knowledge of God. They that wait (in prayer, study, fasting, holy living, etc) upon the Lord…Isa 40:29-31. The alternative is to attain a height, plato at that point and then with time begin to drop/decline/decrease. No matter how holy one is, without constant yearning for growth spiritually there is the risk of becoming like Demas who was deserter. Apostle Paul’s constant cry was that he may know Christ and the power that raised Him from the dead. It is about ever-growing spirituality and Christlikeness. This is the cry of one who is heaven-conscious and heaven-driven. Such a Christian will never be content to live as he/she did yesterday. Every day is an opportunity to know God more and serve Him better.