Purpose of The Fellowship

The Virtuous Sisters’ Fellowship (VSF) UK is set up to cater for the needs of the sisters in LFF UK arms, providing spiritual and other forms of benefits and support to all members. The fellowship exists to:


  1. coordinate all sisters’ activities within the locality of the fellowship, whether branch or zone/district.
  2. promote love, unity, and godly virtues amongst the sisters.
  3. promote sisters’ welfare e.g. providing support during child births, naming ceremonies, weddings, bereavement, etc
  4. create networking opportunities and promote godly and worthwhile interactions.
  5. provide mentoring and coaching – advisory services, experience transfer, etc
  6. provide a Christian platform for mutual assistance, support, caring and sharing.
  7. promote sisters’ empowerment, ensuring sisters are growing spiritually, personally and professionally through: a. prayer meetings b. bible study meetings c. skills acquisition events d. attendance of spiritual, personal, and professional development and empowerment Seminars, Talks, and Conferences e. etc.
  8. raise intercessors for the church.
  9. contribute financially, materially, and otherwise, to church growth and development.
  10. mobilize support for church programmes.
  11. in line with the objects of the fellowship, perform any other role that will benefit the sisters, the fellowship, the church, and the community.
  12. perform any other role assigned by the President of the Fellowship or by the Branch or Zonal/District/foreign missions Pastor.