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Discovering The Ultimate You is a journey of self discovery, purpose, and success. This book will reveal a truth about your true identity, that when embraced will enable you to live beyond all perceived limitations, and achieve what others deem impossible. That identity is THE ULTIMATE YOU!

Discovering The Ultimate You is a journey of journey of self discovery, purpose, and success. This book will reveal a truth about you that when embraced will transform your life, change the way you see yourself, and empower you to lead a life where all things are possible.




A man on a mission, Allan Sealy aims to shape the concept of what is possible to achieve in one’s life by recognising their inner genius, creative power, and immense value. As a trained life coach, author, and inspirational speaker, his eloquent, yet passionate teachings on life mastery, and manifesting one's dreams, has empowered many to renew their thinking, and make positive change.

Born in London’s East End, he began his career in the creative industries of fashion and design before going on to start Ministry In Art, a company that uses creative media to give it’s customers the winning edge. He is also the CEO of Successful Living International, a personal development company dedicate to bridging the gap between vision and destiny.




Success Mastery is a collection of biblical principles, and strategies on winning in life. It explains important topics such as:

• Facts v Feelings • Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Bondage • Overcoming the Fear of Failure • The Principle of Increase • Discovering Your Hidden Treasure • How to be Fit for Abundance and much, much more!

Birthed from a 25 year study of wisdom and excellence, Success Mastery will reveal how to unlock the magnetic properties of your mind so you can immediately attract the people, opportunities, resources, resources, and circumstances necessary to manifest your desires.



Seeing Is Achieving

Vision is the key to your success. Not the vision that is seen through our eyes but that which is revealed in your heart. The vision of your heart will enable you see pass the limitations of time, revealing to you a future that only you can create. The vision of your heart will reveal your true potential and power. The vision of your heart will elevate your mind and expand your thinking so that you would truly believe that all things are possible. We were all created on purpose for a purpose. Your parents cannot assign purpose to you. You must discover this yourself. However, the clues to your purpose are not hard to find. They are hidden in plain sight! It is only for you recognize that what you see in your heart is not a pipe dream but a window into your future and a revelation of your purpose. This book was written to help you realize your purpose and your destiny.



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