Dynamics Of Curses

Curses are as real as blessings except that they are undesirable. Negative cycles exist in individuals, families, institutions, societies and nations in reality. Repeated failures, calamities, disasters and pains following same patterns in successive generations confirm the need to enforce structural changes.

Changing curses to blessings and breaking negative cycles is the purpose of this book. Why does every American President who gets elected in a year divisible by twenty faces the risk of death in office? Why are two men suddenly desperate and struggling to get into office in a year that they are most certain to die in office? Why does Nigeria face the threat of a bloody coup every ten years beginning from 1966? Who do Nigerian Heads of State or Presidents die in office in particular year? Why is the Redeemed Christian Church of God expanding at a rate that is difficult to compute? Why are some factors that were in the days of the founder repeating themselves again in the days of the present General Overseer, Pastor E.A. Adeboye? Beyond changing curses to blessings and discussing the dynamics, this book reveals the mysteries of landmark events that repeat themselves in cycles of generations and definite time periods. You either add this wisdom to yourself or play to the gallows. Ignorance can be very, very costly and irredeemably deadly. This little piece of knowledge may be what you need to get out of your dark room or help someone out of his miseries.

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