2016 Going… 

We invite you to a Watch Night Service on Thursday 31st December @10pm, at Graceland, Norton Street, Hockley Birmingham, B18 5RE. Join us for Praise, Prayers and the Prophetic as we cross over from 2016 into 2017, in the presence of God – Isa 45:2-3; Exo 33:14-19.

Bless someone, come with friends, family and whomsoever will.

Venue:  Graceland, Norton Street, Hockley Birmingham, B18 5RE.


Announcing 2016 UK and Ireland Sorting Out Dates

Sorting Out Nuggets:

  • Sorting Out exposes hidden issues thus giving the man/woman the opportunity to make adjustment to his/her life and lifestyle.
  •  Sorting Out is about linking people with their destiny
  •  Sorting Out brings delegates to fulfilment by reconnecting them with their original destiny.
  •  Sorting Out is deeper and more far reaching than deliverance.
  •  Sorting Out is knowledge you can investigate.


Sorting Out,  is a comprehensive deliverance and spiritual development/enhancement programme that demystifies the mysteries surrounding life.  It sheds light on the mysteries of life and charts a course for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

It is a residential programme and runs for 3 days with delegates going away to a recreational resort. During the programme delegates are exposed to specialised teachings on Curses and Covenants, Divine Healing, Spiritual Dynamics, Inheritance, Marriage, Financial Wisdom, etc, and have interactive sessions, personalised prayers, one-on-one counselling sessions, etc.

Support continues to be available to all delegates after the programme.  What more is Sorting Out?   Why Do I need Sorting Out?


Monthly 3-days Fasting and Prayers – A Covenant Sacrifice

A covenant of 3-days fasting and prayers tagged “Season of Divine Encounter”: comes up Wednesday to Friday, 3rd week monthly.

–   Wednesday:   Pray Until Something Happens  (PUSH) @ 7pm

–   Thursday:   Pray Until Something Happens    (PUSH)  @ 7pm

–   Friday:   Night of Divine Encounter @ 10pm.

Venue:  Graceland, Norton Street, Hockley Birmingham, B18 5RE

For more information please call or email us.


Monthly Women’s Webinar Fellowship, 4th Sundays @ 7pm.

For more details on these events and others, please call any of our 24/7 hotlines-07772763797, 07943652160, or email us at

LF FOUNTAIN OF GRACE – Graceland, Norton Street, Hockley Birmingham, B18 5RE. Phone Numbers – 01214261957, 01212709495.